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Don’t let dead batteries cause your guests or customers to leave your place of business before seeing all you have to offer.  By providing a wheelchair charging station your customers will be able to add power to their wheelchairs/scooters and stay within your establishment along with the rest of their friends and family.


The charging station can be mounted anywhere there is a 110V power source or you can make it mobile by simply attaching it to an AV cart or other mobile source.


The wheelchair charging station has been created to provide wheelchair users the ability to charge their power wheelchairs and scooters at locations where they visit.


The wheelchair charging station includes the 13.5 x 11 x 5 weatherproof NEMA enclosure with  a 24 V 5 amp charger for wheelchairs/scooters. There is also an USB port so user can charge their phone or tablet at the same time they are charging their chair or scooter. There is a power source for onboard chargers and specialty chargers that the user carries with them. You will also receive a 10 x 15 sign to show your guests where they can charge.


Shipping is included



Wheelchair Charging Station

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