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Instructions For Use

Thank you for your purchase of our Wheelchair Charging Station.


What is included: 

13.5 x 11 x 5 Weatherproof NEMA Box


Inside the box is a power strip and a 5A wheelchair charger, dual USB charger

10 x 15 metal sign

Mounting hardware 

2 hooks


How to use:

The unit is designed to simply plug into an outlet and is ready for use.  The power strip and the charger located inside the unit have separate on/off switches, be sure that both are on.  Locate sign close to box. Install the box 4 feet or less off the floor for easy access to user.

Where to locate:

Indoors – The box can be mounted to a wall near an electrical outlet.  Do not install higher than 4 feet in order for wheelchair users to access.  Prime locations for the chargers would be somewhere convenient for the user to spend at least ½ hour, for example food court, cafeteria or customer service areas. 

Outdoors – Unit should be located undercover to protect the user and the charger from extreme weather conditions.  Do not install higher than 4 feet in order for wheelchair users to access.

Portable – Charging stations can be portable.  Simply put the charger on an AV cart or other mobile device, attach the sign to the cart and the charger can be moved to any location the user may need. 

Hooks – There are 2 hooks included for your convenience to hang close to the unit.


Mobility Matters is not responsible for damage or injury resulting from misuse or misplacement of the Wheelchair Charging station.



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